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Color palette is king when it comes to the Vividorque model, it’s an aqua style bathroom that blends soft colors with bold fixtures for a timeless creation with American clay turquoise feature walls and crisp off white flooring. This style will compliment your home in Thailand perfectly.

aqua style bathroom design & installation

Paint the world with color with this vibrant youthful bathroom. Color palette is king when it comes to the Vividorque, the aqua style bathroom, as our designers have been inspired to blend soft pastel colors with bold fixtures to create a timeless creation. Focus will be on American clay rendered turquoise feature walls, crisp off white floor non slip tiles and light orange cabinetry. Be bold and go brass with all shower and tap fittings as we infuse a touch of the past. 



  • American clay rendered walls
  • Off white non slip floor tiles
  • Light orange cabinetry


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aqua style bathroom designed for you

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